The name woof and wow is based on weaving terms; ‘warp’ is the lengthwise or longitudinal thread in a roll, while ‘woof’ is the transverse thread. The ‘woof’ is thus drawn through the ‘warp’ to create a fabric. These two sets of threads form the foundation of any fabric.

To emphasize our range of ambitions, and our desire to intertwine them with each other, to weave them so to speak, we wanted to refer to the commonly used phrase ‘ woof and warp’.  It is used as a metaphor for fabric, to express the underlying structure on which something is built.

In Dutch, ‘woof and warp’ also means that something is happening or occurring very frequently, as is with plastic waste issues, social inequality, and the loss of craftsmanship.

Being so commonly used, it’s no surprise that this phrase has already been used by different people and organizations, so we had to change it somehow, ‘warp’ it.

Hence ‘Woof & Wow’; the ambition to create cross-cultural connections that will lead to products and benefits to which one only can refer to as ‘Wow’!