PET-acrylic yarn woven seating
Powder coated steel frame
3D printed feet from recycled PET

PETrob  PETroa  PETro d

Meet PETro, a soft and friendly little crutch made with love from upcycled plastic waste and recycled steel. PETro is always there when you need him: inside your home or outdoors. He doesn’t mind to get wet, doesn’t weight much, and can handle plenty of weight. PETro will last for decades, and as such will become part of your family. ‘PETro’ is a combination of the name ‘peter’ in spanish and the plastic material  PET



PETro is lightweight -3kg- and weather resistant. Assembly is quick and simple.

PETro comes in the colors green, blue and pink.


PETro is designed by Marta Sif. The context and story of Manchay, Lima, combined with the characteristics of the PET yarn, became the starting point of this crutch.

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