PETro is designed by Marta Sif. The context and story of Manchay, Lima, combined with the characteristics of the PET yarn, became the starting point of this crutch.


Pictures taken from this shanty town, made Marta decide to design a minimalist piece of furniture. “All things in Manchay, like furniture, are made to be efficient and functional.  Because of this I felt that the design should also be efficient and functional.”

Fascinated by the Peruvian woven textiles, Marta combined acrylic wool with PET yarn, which accumulated into a whole new material that can be easily recycled again. For the actual makers, the fusion means that it takes less time to weave, speeding up the production process.

DSC_0156On the level of the design, it gives a more abstract pattern, underlining the craftsmanship instead of trying to make something perfect that was never going to be perfect.

Patterns and weaving from the area are used as grid-lines for choosing the colors for the acrylic yarn in combination with the most commonly found colors of the PET bottles, which are transparent, green and blue. ” I was inspired by the pictures from Manchay. I could see that there is a lot of dust and neutral colors but they seem to like bright colors so you can see colors popping up here and there. I really liked that”.  She translated this effect by designing a powder-coated white frame, from which the green, blue and pink colors of the seating would similarly pop-up too.


It took many models and mock-ups, counseling and sometimes frustration to give birth to PETro, but we are very proud of him!