Hi, we are the people behind WOOF & WOW:


qsUuelFOGaspard is an entrepreneur in what he calls transition design. His ambitions for Woof&Wow were to work with waste picking communities to empower them with the plastic processing tools he had been working with since starting with the perpetual plastic project. His experience in product design, facilitating the creative process and entrepreneurial drive to make the output economically viable are his contributions to the project.


Charlot is a social-political critical architect, but has expanded her field of operations to human centered product design. In Woof&Wow, she combines her aesthetic creativity with social entrepreneurship, standing up for those living in subsistence to improve their circumstances . Charlot believes that true sustainability can only be achieved when the social factor is included in the sustainable equation. 

qrcode_woofenwowfilmpjeBeing the very first designer working with Woof &Wow, Icelandic Marta Sif has set the bar high for future designers eager to work with communities struggling for survival. We came into contact with Marta’s work at the Dutch Design Week, where she was selected to show her graduation work of the Design Academy in Eindhoven.  The integrity of her work, and the way she communicates about her design and process perfectly matches  with Woof&Wow’s ambition and vision. Marta sees herself as something between a designer and a craftsman, as she processes her design using dozens of try-outs and mock-ups. Marta finds the creation of a product extraordinary fulfilling when she can use her knowledge and perseverance, which come handy when working for and with  communities in need.


stempel_logo_pathsOur expert in knitting and weaving, Leslie Eisinger of Werkstatt Eisinger, refers to herself as being very stubborn, which is truly one of her strong points. With a technical background- she studied at the Technical University before- Leslie is capable to invent and develop tools for weaving which do not yet exist, such as our PETer the weaving loom. Thanks to her practical approach and efforts to think with us about certain obstacles, Marta’s design came alive rapidly. Graduated as fashion designer, Leslie’s passion for fashion lies at new crafts and slow-fashion, which she uses to make lovable and durable clothing.

team peruThe actual makers of the first product of Woof&Wow live in a pueblo jovenes –or shanty town- in the periphery of metropolitan Lima in Peru. Most of them came from the impoverished highlands to find a better life, ending up in a metropolitan deadlock. Like every mother, they want the best for their children, and work hard but can only afford the basics, and sometimes not even that. Their rooted talent and passion for weaving and knitting remains unused, and with that the cultural tradition of Peru and their own identity is at stake. With Woof&Wow, they can earn an extra income with something they are passionate about; that defines partially their identity and self-esteem, while cleaning up their local environment from plastic pollution to improve the local environment. And on a broader context, Peru’s national heritage of weaving and knitting finds new viable means in the 21st century.